Black Lives Matter Poetry: 18th-19th Century


Join Chrissy and Jacquie in the first episode of the Black Lives Matter miniseries.  In this episode, they celebrate the writing and lives of Black poets from the 18th and 19th century. Remember: love is love, science matters, and so do Black lives. 

Minisode 39: Lyrics 10- The Pico de Gallo of Poetry


It's that time again! Join Chrissy and Jacquie as they try to guess which lyrics are from real songs and which were written by the hosts! In this episode, the hosts feature an oldie, a new love, and a current star. Can you guess which ones are which?

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd- Speaking Of Murder


It's Agatha Christie Month! Join Chrissy and Jacquie as they dive into another one of Christie's best mysteries, The Murder of Roger Akroyd. Did you successfully follow the breadcrumbs and solved the crime? Find out if detective skills exist on your favorite podcast.

Minisode 38: Spaar & Clare- Popcorn? POPCORN!


Quarantine can't hold us back! Chrissy and Jacquie are coming at you with some new poetry; will Jacquie hold on to her lead or can Chrissy close the gap? Tune in to find out who is recording from inside her closet and who is really bad at proof reading for typos!

Twilight- Don’t Watch Me Sleep Without My Consent


Buckle in: it's time to talk about Twilight. Join Chrissy and Jacquie for their discussion of Stephenie Meyers' Twilight Saga where you'll hear middle school thoughts, adult commentary, and a few embarrassing stories! Are you Team Bella or Team Jacob? What would be your vampire power? Does Bella have any personality? Let us know your thoughts and find out what the team thinks in this throwback, just-in-time-for-quarantine episode. 

Devil in the White City- Don’t Take People’s Babies


And we're back with our regularly scheduled material! Although Chrissy and Jacquie are attempting to transition to quarantined life, they've managed to record a full length episode! In this episode, Chrissy wants you to know she ~really~ loves The Alienist and Jacquie wants you to identify her body by her tattoos if necessary. Join them as they dive in to Erik Larson's Devil in the White City with discussions of murderous men, breathtaking buildings, and honest to goodness historical feats. 

Minisode 37: Shower Grapes and Poetry


Greetings from where we are quarantined! Chrissy and Jacquie have abandoned the usual poetry episode (just for now, calm down) and have instead opted for some much needed therapy writing. Listen along as your favorite podcasters read their own poetry inspired by -and written during- the COVID-19 pandemic. (hint: head over to RBTV's website for some visuals!)

Minisode 36: Jin and Collins- She a Long Boi


Never a dull moment for the RBTV podcast family! In the latest minisode, Jacquie gets gushy (I know right, so weird) and Chrissy confirms who the most popular poet in America is by duplicating a poet we've already highlighted! Can you guess who it is? Grab a bottle of your choice and hit that play button! 

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill- It’s Getting Hot in the Closet


Stay indoors, stay safe, stay healthy, and listen to the newest episode of Read Between the Vines! While Chrissy and Jacquie are handling their own anxiety with COVID-19, RBTV podcast invites you to turn to artists during this time of uncertainty. In this episode, Chrissy and Jacquie meet their literary doppelgänger in Waxman's The Bookish Life of Nina Hill. Curl up with your cat, pop a bottle(s), and let us distract you from the world- it's a canned wine kind of week anyway. 

Hollow Kingdom: Crows Before Hoes


HONEY, WHERE ARE MY ALFALFA CUBES? Stressed from midterms? Is your boss being a royal pain in the behind? Then tune into the newest installment of Read Between the Vines where Chrissy and Jacquie discuss the humorous dystopian Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton. We promise by the end of this episode, you will have three new insults try on your enemies, so let us know which one is your favorite! Join your favorite duo as we discuss comedic crows, darling dogs, and life's tough questions. 

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